Building Ulysses from source code



Ulysses can be built on any Linux system with the following prerequisites:

Additionally, Ulysses needs some auxiliary libraries to compile, link and run. These are:

Of cause, as an OpenGL application Ulysses needs a 3D-accellerated video card, supported by Linux. Also, Ulysses will use multi-threaded field calculation routines, so a multi-processing environment might be useful.

Building Ulysses

Before trying to build Ulysses make sure all of the above prerequisites have been fulfilled.

First you have to unpack the Ulysses source tarball. Use the following command:

tar xzf ulysses-{Ulysses version}.tar.gz

Then you have to configure the sources with your system's parameter settings. To do this call

cd ulysses-Ulysses version
./configure --prefix=directory to install Ulysses to

After that you cann compile and install Ulysses:

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make install